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Personal Chef Service
For people who have a busy schedule and want to maintain a healthy life style, we will:

Meal plans for 1-2 people start at $200 for 3 meals, including an entrée and a choice of two side dishes.
Sample Menus   (Coming Soon)

Cooking Classes
Do you want to learn how to prepare better meals for yourself and the family?  Do you have a passion for food and want to learn some new techniques in the kitchen?  Would you like a fun unique way to spend time with friends?  Our custom cooking classes are just what you have been looking for…..we will:


Sample Menus  (Coming Soon)

Dinner Parties
We specialize in entertainment at private residences. There is nothing more pleasant than bringing a unique restaurant experience to the privacy of your own home. Whether you're having an intimate evening for two, getting together with friends and family, or having a cookout in the backyard, we will provide a one of a kind experience that you and your guests will never forget.  Dinner party menus usually consist of 5 courses. We will:


Sample Menus  (Coming Soon)

JiveTurkeyDip Special Events
We also would love to work with you on your next large event on your calendar.  From wedding receptions, retirement parties or corporate events, we intend to make the event memorable…
Packages start at $20 per person with a minimum of 20 guests. For more details, contact the Chef.
Wait staff- Entertainers on Demand
Do you need someone to help serve the family holiday dinner?  Are you tired of cleaning up after the birthday party?  Would you like to enjoy your guests the next time you are entertaining? We will:

Our entertainment specialists for all occasions start at a rate of $25/hour with a 4 hour minimum.

We are one of the nation’s premier experts in “Turkey Comfort Food." We also specialize in health conscious menu and high volume operations solutions for all segments of the industry.

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Operations Management

Seeking Opportunities for:
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